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Why Texas is Great For Solar Homes

Texas is a great state for solar homes for a number of reasons:

  • Abundant sunshine: Texas receives an average of 250 sunny days per year, which is more than many other states. This means that solar panels in Texas can generate more electricity than in states with less sunshine.

  • Favorable solar policies: Texas has a number of policies that support solar energy, including a state tax credit, net metering, and property tax exemption for solar panels.

  • Competitive solar prices: The cost of solar panels has fallen significantly in recent years, and Texas has a number of experienced and competitive solar installers.

  • High electricity rates: Texas has some of the highest electricity rates in the country, which makes solar power a more attractive option for homeowners.

Here are some specific examples of how Texas's solar policies and environment make it a great place for solar homes:

  • Federal solar tax credit: Homeowners in Texas can still claim the federal solar tax credit of 30% of the cost of their solar system. This credit is scheduled to phase out after 2023, so it is important to act now if you are considering solar for your home.

  • Net metering: Most Texas utility companies offer net metering, which allows homeowners to sell excess solar electricity back to the grid. This can help homeowners reduce their electricity bills and even offset their entire electricity usage.

  • Property tax exemption: Texas homeowners are exempt from paying property taxes on the value of their solar panels. This can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their solar system.

Overall, Texas is a great state for solar homes because of its abundant sunshine, favorable solar policies, competitive solar prices, and high electricity rates. Homeowners in Texas can save money on their electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase the value of their home by installing solar panels.

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